Visual Art

The art curriculum at our school centers on nurturing drawing and painting skills, covering fundamental concepts like line, shape, texture, color, value, and space. Lessons progress throughout the year, offering guided instruction while fostering individual creativity and self-expression. The curriculum integrates art with various subjects, including literature, science, music, and math, teaching students to closely observe the world as a powerful tool for artistic expression. Students draw inspiration from both famous and lesser-known artists to create their own "masterpieces."

3 third grade boys work with modeling clay in an art class at St. Elizabeth's School in Denver


The St. Elizabeth's School Library boasts an ever-evolving collection of over 10,000 titles for students in Kindergarten through 8th grade, spanning diverse genres and both fiction and nonfiction. The collection is carefully curated with an emphasis on relevance and diversity. Enrolled students have the opportunity to check out audiobooks not only during the school year but also throughout the summer. To explore the library's collection digitally click here.

Kindergarten students prepare for story time in the library at St. Elizabeth's School in Denver


St. Elizabeth's School is dedicated to the physical well-being of its students, as research indicates that children learn better when given time for physical activity. As part of this commitment, all students from Kindergarten through 8th grade have the opportunity to engage in daily physical activity.

Students play croquet on the green during a sunny PE class at St. Elizabeth's School in Denver


The music program at St. Elizabeth’s School aims to actively engage and enrich students while equipping them with essential musical skills. The comprehensive curriculum covers singing, listening, analyzing, improvising, movement, composing, and playing various instruments like recorders, barred instruments, keyboards, and world drums. The program delves into the history of music, specifically jazz and blues, offering opportunities for performances through musicals, choral groups, and instrumental ensembles.

4th Grade students play a circle hand clapping game in music class at St. Elizabeth's School in Denver


The Lower School Spanish program at St. Elizabeth's School aligns with the institution's dedication to fostering empathy and a passion for global learning. Grounded in research indicating enduring benefits of early exposure to a second language, the program emphasizes language acquisition and cultural understanding. Using Teaching with Comprehensible Input (TCI), the curriculum incorporates methods such as Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling (TPRS) and Comprehensible Input (CI). Learning experiences prioritize high-frequency words and phrases, integrating movement, music, and storytelling to enhance language acquisition.

The doorway to the lower school Spanish room says "Hola" and through the door you can see students watching the teacher at St. Elizabeth's School in Denver    Young students read a book about animals in the lower school Spanish class at St. Elizabeth's School in Denver, CO