Lower School Faith Studies

Lower School Chapel and Faith Studies at St. Elizabeth’s School follow the Godly Play methodology, inspired by Montessori principles, to explore Jewish and Christian scriptures. The complexity and extent of exploration depend on students' moral and spiritual development. Acknowledging the diversity of religious practices, chapel activities encompass studies beyond Judeo-Christian traditions, emphasizing connections among traditions and fostering respect for diverse beliefs. Monthly character trait teachings promote respect and community values, with awards recognizing exemplification of these traits. Chapel sessions also involve contemplative prayer and provide a quiet, nurturing space for sharing feelings and experiences within a safe and respectful environment during a busy week.

Middle School Faith Studies

Middle School Chapel and Faith Studies provides a weekly opportunity for each grade to engage in reflections on their spiritual journey, exploring various religious traditions and worldviews. The chapel sessions revolve around four central questions:

1. Who are you?
2. Who or what is God in your life? What orients your life?
3. Is there transformation amidst tragedy? What is justice and compassion amidst life's tragedy?
4. Is there hope in the end? How do we talk about, envision, and live out hope?

In addition to these questions, chapel emphasizes the concepts of Believe, Belong, and Behave/Act. Throughout the year, guests from different traditions are invited to share their spiritual journeys and the impact of their beliefs on daily life with all classes. This inclusive and reflective environment encourages students to consider their own beliefs, fostering a deeper understanding of spirituality and its role in their lives.



A St. Elizabeth's School kindergartener playing during free play time in Chapel.