The curriculum at St. Elizabeth’s School is designed to promote a love of learning in a safe and supportive environment, one that lays a foundation for lifelong learning. Children learn and grow as students through our personalized core curriculum, stimulating courses in the arts, foreign language, faith studies, community service, and hands-on learning experiences.

Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio Is the Foundation for Ongoing Academic Achievement

St. Elizabeth’s School maintains a commitment to a low student-to-teacher ratio, with an 8:1 ratio in grades K–8. This dedication is evident in core classrooms, where each has a lead teacher and an assistant in grades K–5, resulting in one of the lowest ratios among prominent private schools. Research supports the educational benefits of lower ratios, indicating improved academic and personal outcomes. St. Elizabeth’s emphasizes the significance of this approach in laying a strong learning foundation early in life, contributing to lifelong learning and success. The combination of a high-quality faculty and low student-to-teacher ratios is a defining feature of the school's education philosophy.