Learning Support

Our Learning Specialist works with children who have been referred by their teachers for additional support in reading, spelling and math. Children work with our Learning Specialist 2-3 times per week in small groups.

Mental Health Support

Through a partnership with Centus Counseling, we have a lower school and a middle school counselor who work with children one on one, as well as provide opportunities for group discussions and activities.

Middle School Advisory Program

Our middle school advisory program was designed to help children succeed both academically and socially at the middle school level. During advisory, we discuss grades, personal and academic goals, and other pertinent middle school topics such as time management, managing screen time, health and wellness, and more. Each advisory group has a mixture of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Eighth graders act as leaders in the small group setting, and children stay with their advisor through their entire middle school experience. Advisory meets twice a week. This is valuable time for connection and support during our middle school schedule.