How to Apply for Kindergarten

Choosing a school is one of the most important decisions that parents make. Consequently, we ask that each prospective family learn as much as possible about St. Elizabeth’s in order to make the best educational decision for their children.

Students admitted to kindergarten must be five by September 1 in the year they would like to attend. Applicants are closely evaluated for maturity level and grade readiness.

Admissions Procedure

1. Submit an Online Inquiry. Select your preferred day and time for a tour. You will receive notification on your tour date and will be provided Open House dates. 

2. Attend an intimate Group Tour

3. Complete the Online Application through Big Sis (link to BigSis portal). Applications are due on January 13, 2023.

4. If your child has received Psycho-Educational Testing or Screening or is currently supported by a 504 Plan, an IEP, or receives Speech, Occupational, Physical or Mental Health Therapy, please provide the most recent evaluation/support summary to the Admissions office.

5. If you will be utilizing the Family Commitment Plan Sliding Scale Tuition, please provide your family’s total Adjusted Gross Income by uploading your most recent tax information to the application for admission. (Please call Admissions at 720-316-9571 to determine eligibility.)

6. We will send the electronic Teacher Recommendation Form to your child’s current teacher for completion before the 2nd week of January.

7. Your child will participate in a Kindergarten/1st Grade Group Visit on a selected date in December - February. This is a mini-mixed grade Kindersgarten and First Grade class with 10-12 applicants and it lasts approximately 1.5 hours. Applicants will go through guided group activities, and they will each spend a short period of time one-on-one with a teacher to do a brief kindergarten readiness assessment. Parents remain in the building for the visit and are involved in a Q&A with the Head of School.

Teacher recommendation forms, student transcripts, and private testing results are confidential records and should be submitted electronically directly from the applicant’s current school or testing entity by January 13, 2023.


St. Elizabeth’s School adheres to the Association of Colorado Independent Schools admissions calendar. The ACIS Admission Notification date varies slightly each year, but middle school notification is in late February and lower school notification is in early March. Notification will be emailed on the pre-determined date at 4pm. Applicants who have been accepted to St. Elizabeth’s will have two weeks from the day of acceptance to return the enrollment contract and the non-refundable deposit. Once the contract is received by St. Elizabeth’s, the student is then officially enrolled.

Wait Pool

After a grade level is filled, St. Elizabeth’s will maintain a waiting pool of admissible students. If a space becomes available, the entire pool for the grade level will be considered to choose the most appropriate child for the space. Keeping the mission of the school in mind, choices are based on the qualities of the candidate and the nature of the specific class, with the intention of providing the best educational experience for both the individual student and for the class as a whole.


Contracts are signed electronically within the school’s BigSIS information system. You will pay a non-refundable deposit when you sign the contract. This deposit is subtracted directly from the total tuition commitment. Tuition payment for the following year begins in July. If you choose to withdraw from your contract, you must provide a written explanation of this decision prior to May 30th in order to avoid being held responsible for the total amount of the contracted tuition.