Social Studies

Eastern Hemisphere: Africa

  1. African Geography
  2. African History - (Ancient Kingdoms-Colonization-Present Day)
  3. Economy, Politics, and Government
  4. African Art, Music and Literature
  5. African Country Case Study - Ethiopia, Senegal. Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya
Social Studies Suggested Resources:
  • Africa, by Milliken (Passport Series)
  • Africa: Art and Culture, by Jane Bingham
  • Africa, Exploring Continents, by Deborah Underwood

English: Reading and Language Arts

Exploring a variety of literature.

  • The Giver - by Lois Lowry

Jona receives training from the Giver, through which he learns a lot about the truth of life.

  • The Boy in the Striped Pajamas: A WWII Fable - by John Boyne

Prelude to reading the novel, students will be introduced to Anne Frank and various diary entries that are extremely applicable to WWII and especially how Jewish people are forced to live. Students will compare and contrast how Anne’s life was so different from their own.

  • Romeo and Juliet- by William Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s famous “star-crossed lovers” tale.


  • Physical Science by Prentice Hall
    • Chemical Building
    • Motion, Forces, and Energy
    • Sound and Light
    • Electricity and Magnetism


  • Big Ideas by Houghton Mifflin
    Students will have two options in 7th grade. They will either continue on grade level text moving deeper into all aspects of mathematical thinking, or they will be placed in an accelerated program; which will push them at a faster pace into more complex ideas.