The middle school advisory program at our school is tailored to ensure the academic and social success of students. These advisory sessions, held twice a week, cover various crucial topics such as grades, personal and academic goals, time management, screen time management, health and wellness, and more. Comprising a mix of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, each advisory group is led by eighth graders who serve as mentors in the small group setting. This mentorship model fosters a supportive environment, promoting connections and guidance throughout the students' entire middle school experience. The advisory program plays a vital role in enhancing the middle school schedule, providing valuable time for connection and support.

Social Studies

In 7th-grade Social Studies, students embark on an exploration of African geography, history, and culture. The curriculum encompasses diverse elements, including the geography of Africa, the rich history from ancient kingdoms to colonization and present-day developments, and an examination of the economy, politics, and government. Students also delve into the vibrant realms of African art, music, and literature. The course includes in-depth case studies of specific African countries, namely Ethiopia, Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya. Recommended resources for this journey include Africa from the Milliken Passport Series, Africa: Art and Culture by Jane Bingham, and Africa: Exploring Continents by Deborah Underwood, providing comprehensive insights into the continent's diverse landscapes, histories, and cultures.

English: Reading and Language Arts

In 7th-grade English and Language Arts, students embark on a literary journey exploring impactful works. The curriculum includes The Giver by Lois Lowry, where Jona undergoes transformative training from the Giver, unveiling profound truths about life. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas: A WWII Fable by John Boyne serves as a poignant prelude, connecting students to Anne Frank's diary entries, fostering an understanding of WWII and the hardships faced by Jewish people. This comparison prompts reflection on the stark differences between Anne's life and their own. Additionally, students delve into the timeless classic Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, experiencing the tragic tale of the "star-crossed lovers." Through these literary works, students engage in thought-provoking discussions and develop critical analytical skills.


In 7th-grade Math, students follow the Big Ideas curriculum by Houghton Mifflin, offering two distinct pathways. Students can opt to continue with the grade-level text, delving deeper into various aspects of mathematical thinking. Alternatively, for those seeking a more accelerated challenge, there's a program designed to propel them at a faster pace into more complex mathematical concepts. This dual-option approach ensures that each student can tailor their learning experience to their pace and level of mathematical proficiency. The curriculum aims to cultivate a strong mathematical foundation while accommodating varied learning styles and preferences.


In 7th-grade Science, students explore a dynamic curriculum centered around Physical Science by Prentice Hall. The course delves into fundamental concepts, including chemical building, motion, forces, and energy, as well as the properties of sound and light. Additionally, students engage with the principles of electricity and magnetism, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the physical world. Through hands-on experiments and interactive learning, students apply these scientific concepts to real-world phenomena, fostering a deeper appreciation for the principles governing the physical sciences. The curriculum encourages inquiry and critical thinking skills, providing students with a solid foundation in key scientific principles.