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“The administration and staff of St. E’s have earned our trust, and we are fully confident that what they have created in the K-5 model will be translated into an incredible K-8 model — a model unlike anything else in Denver with a vibrant, inclusive, nurturing environment that partners with parents to help children be fully themselves and be fully prepared for all aspects of life!”

“We love the balance St. E’s achieves between academic, artistic, physical and spiritual education; a lot of schools claim to educate “the whole child”, St. E’s actually does a good job of it.”

“St. Elizabeth’s was recommended to us by friends, and we chose it because of the small student-teacher ratio, outstanding faculty and balanced curriculum. With the care and attention of his classroom teachers especially, our son has regained his self-confidence and is once again a joyful learner. Our entire family is so grateful for St. E’s!”

“My child has grown both academically as well as emotionally in leaps and bound in large part due to the structure and passion of St. E’s. He’s become an avid reader (in large part due to St. E’s library staff going out of their way to provide books that interest him), his maturity level is beyond what I expect of a 5th grader (much higher than mine at times, haha), and his social conscience and eagerness to understand the world around him is awe-inspiring. Beyond, academics, he’s growing up to be an honorable person.”

“Small class size, individual attention and an emphasis on responsibility, tolerance and respect are the key reasons we’ve chosen to remain throughout elementary school and into middle school.”

Reading is a power that lets you see the world.  Teaching someone to read is complex… I give a great appreciation to the teachers.  He is catching up in his class.  Thank you thank you.”

“Everyone is nice.  The staff and parents are wonderful and they try to do what they believe is best for the students.  St. Elizabeth’s School has very good academic programs and perfect extracurricular activities.”

We are so pleased with everything at Saint Elizabeth’s and are already looking forward to next year.

Thank you for so carefully and expertly teaching and inspiring our little boy and helping his many gifts and strengths to shine.

He has become an enthusiastic reader in the last several months at St. E’s… moving from a “reluctant reader” to proud, excited, and ahead of his grade level.  Now, reading is his favorite subject, and he LOVES school!

“Our son has bloomed at St. E’s… his confidence has grown by leaps and bounds.  He sees himself as a smart student who is good at many things…”