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Middle School Specials


Spanish language learning will continue in middle school. Spanish 1 will be covered over two years. We will cover the first part in 6th grade and finish the program in 7th. In 8th grade, students will be offered two options: Option one will cover the first half of Spanish 2 over the course of the year, while option two will be an accelerated class covering all of Spanish 2 in one year. All students will be prepared for high school Spanish, either taking Spanish 2 or 3 their freshman year.


The middle school arts program provides students with an understanding of how the language of visual arts leads to a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. In middle school, students will have an opportunity to study and explore two and three-dimensional art: drawing; painting; printmaking; ceramics; crafts; art history and art appreciation. Students will experiment with various artistic styles, art techniques and materials, create artwork using the elements, principles and qualities of art, develop their own ideas and personal creative expression through imagination, consideration and critical thinking.


In middle school, Students will take an active part in the chapel worship, doing readings, talks, drama etc. Our Faith Studies program will contain world religions, studies from Hebrew and New Testament Scripture, character studies, service projects, personal spirituality and meditation. Middle School Faith Studies units will often be embedded in classroom units for Language Arts, Social Studies, Math and Science when appropriate.


Students will continue with PE class in 6th grade, with an option to participate in after school athletics. Emphasis will be on good sportsman ship, teamwork, and collaborative play. They will continue to hone their skills on sports such as soccer, basketball, and golf. When students enter 7th and 8th grade, organized sport teams will be offered after school.