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Education Approach


The curriculum at St. Elizabeth’s School is designed to promote a love of learning in a safe and supportive environment, one that lays a foundation for lifelong learning. Our small class size allows us to meet the needs of each student. Children learn and grow as students through our personalized core curriculum, stimulating courses in the arts, foreign language, faith studies, community service, and hands-on learning experiences.

Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio Is the Foundation for Ongoing Academic Achievement

St. Elizabeth’s is committed to maintaining a low student-to-teacher ratio. With a lead teacher and an assistant in each core classroom, the student-to-teacher ratio is one of the lowest among prominent private schools.

There is plenty of evidence indicating that lower student to teacher ratios improve education. For St. Elizabeth’s School, a low student-to-teacher ratio is about laying a strong learning foundation early in life, a finding supported by several research studies:

The biggest and most credible of those studies, Tennessee’s statewide Student/Teacher Achievement Ratio, or STAR, project, begun in the late 1970s, found that the learning gains students made in classes of 13 to 17 students persisted long after the students moved back into average-size classes (HEROS, 2011)…. Follow-up studies through the years have found the students who had been in small classes in their early years had better academic and personal outcomes throughout their school years and beyond (Krueger, 2001; Sparks, 2011).

Contrast this to a typical Denver Public Schools elementary classroom, which has upwards of 25 students and one teacher. The national average is estimated by the Department of Education at 25 students in a classroom.

The combination of a high-quality faculty and low student-to-teacher ratios is a hallmark of the St. Elizabeth’s education because we believe in the long-term benefits for life-long learning.