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High School Attendance Information

Our first 8th grade class has graduated and are off to new adventures!

High Schools Attended by Class of 2017 GraduatesRead More

2017-2018 Calendar – Major Events

Please refer to the attached calendar for next year’s major dates!

Subject to change with advanced notice…

Calendar-major events 2017-2018Read More

Final Student Newspaper of the Year!

The final Student Newspaper of the year has arrived!

Please click the following link to enjoy.

And a big thank you to the Newspaper Crew for their hard work and support!

Newspaper17.5Read More

April Student Newspaper


 … Read More

February Student Newspaper

The monthly student newspaper has just hit the virtual shelves!

Please click on the following link to enjoy.

Newspaper17.3Read More

January Student Newspaper

The first edition of our 2017 SES Student Newspaper has arrived! Please follow the link to enjoy reading.


 … Read More

The Auction Is Arriving! Important Information!

Please click the following link to read all the details about our upcoming School Auction on March 10!

 … Read More

Happy Holiday Video

Happy holidays to all of our SES Community! Please enjoy a video created from our Holiday Concert.

 … Read More

December Student Newspaper

Ladies and Gentleman,

The monthly SES Student Newspaper has just been published! Please click the following link to enjoy.

newspaper16-12Read More

November Student Newspaper

Our initial student newspaper for the year is hot off the press! Please click the following link to enjoy.



 … Read More