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Flexible Tuition

Family Commitment Plan

St. Elizabeth’s School is committed to enrolling a truly inclusive and diverse school community. Essential to this policy is our Family Commitment Plan, which is based upon a sliding scale tuition system that eliminates the categories of “scholarship” or “financial aid.” It is designed to determine each student’s tuition according to the principle that a family’s financial commitment should be equitable to its financial resources.

Families annually submit a confidential financial worksheet to the head of school and fees are determined, up to a maximum amount, according to that family’s financial ability. A sliding scale system allows SES to enroll families from a broad economic spectrum representative of the neighborhoods and Denver communities it serves.

Educational scholars are united in the belief that economic diversity enhances academic performance for all students and makes social justice possible.

The school’s operating budget is funded through revenues derived from the Family Commitment Plan, an annual giving program, foundation grants, and the generosity of individual friends of St. Elizabeth’s School. The benefits to all our children and families are extraordinary.

Please call our Admissions Office at 303-322-4209 x15 for a tuition estimate.

St. Elizabeth’s School is grateful to the Manhattan Country School, an inclusively enrolled urban independent day school founded in 1966, for allowing us to replicate its highly successful sliding scale tuition model.