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Middle School

 How to Apply

Choosing a school is one of the most important decisions that parents make. Consequently, we ask that each prospective family learn as much as possible about St. Elizabeth’s in order to make the best educational decision for their children.

Admissions Procedure

The following steps are required for application to St. Elizabeth’s School. Admissions paperwork should be completed by Christmas holiday break.

Parent Visit and Tour. Parents/guardians of each applicant will be asked to schedule an appointment to learn about the program, mission, and philosophy of the school and its extended day and after school enrichment programs. The visit can be arranged by calling the school office 303-322-4209 or filling out our online form.

Application. Send your completed application form, accompanied by a current photo of the applicant and a non-refundable fee of $50 to St. Elizabeth’s School.

Teacher Recommendation Form. Parents/guardians of the applicant must complete the top portion of the Teacher Recommendation Form and give it to the applicant’s current school. The applicant’s teacher will complete the form and mail it to St. Elizabeth’s. This includes all kindergarten applicants who have attended a preschool program. Forms are included in the admissions packet.

School Records. All previous educational records (including report cards and standardized testing) must be filed with St. Elizabeth’s. Transcript Release forms are included in the application packet and are to be signed and sent directly to the child’s current school.

Parent/Guardian StatementThis questionnaire provides important information about applicants as learners and an individuals.  This form is to be answered by the parent or guardian, and submitted with the application.

Student Visit and Testing: Kindergarten applicants will schedule a brief individual visit with a teacher who will administer a simple kindergarten readiness assessment, and at a separate date, will attend a kindergarten classroom visit with a group of their peers. Applicants for all other grade levels will schedule a half-day visit with the age-appropriate class.

Parents/guardians are expected to provide St. Elizabeth’s with any and all student testing done by private psychologist, consultants or testing through the public school system. St. Elizabeth’s reserves the right to arrange for or request further testing if the admissions committee feels that more information would be beneficial for the decision-making process.

Teacher recommendation forms, student transcripts, and private testing results are confidential records and should be sent by mail or facsimile directly from the applicant’s current school or testing entity.


Notification letters will be mailed in March following completion of all admissions procedures. Applicants who have been accepted to St. Elizabeth’s will have two weeks from the day of acceptance to return the enrollment contract and the non-refundable deposit. Once received by St. Elizabeth’s, the student is then officially enrolled.

Waiting List

After a grade level is filled, St. Elizabeth’s will maintain a pooled waiting list of admissible students. If a space becomes available, the entire pool for the grade level will be considered to choose the most appropriate child for the space. Keeping the mission of the school in mind, choices are based on the qualities of the candidate and the nature of the specific class, with the intention of providing the best educational experience for both the individual student and for the class as a whole.

Tuition: Family Commitment Plan

Tuition is determined by St. Elizabeth’s Family Commitment Plan.

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