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The Board of Trustees

Voting Members
Steve Marsters, Board Chair
Betty Luce, Vice Chair
Kit Ambrose, Treasurer
Patrick Byrne
Tracey Campbell
Ryan Cobbins
Polly Donald
Tim Gardner
Robert Koehler
Sharon Martin
Jan Meck
Chad Nichols
Leah Oliver
Gregory Robbins
Rick Sandoval
Susan Shamos
Suellen White
Art Williams

Ex-Officio Members
Ramsay Stabler, Head of School
Susan Bross, Director of Development
Diane Grove, Director of Admissions
Kim Johnson, Business Manager
Chelsea Grantham, Faculty Representative
Susan Aplin, President, Parents’ Association
Barry Bedrick, Retired Head of School

Emeritus Members
Dan Heischman, Exec. Dir.- National Assoc. of Episcopal Schools
Ann Jesse, Founding Member
The Rt. Rev. Robert O’Neill, Bishop of Colorado