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Social Equity Workshops

Several years ago a small group of parents, teachers, administrators, Board members, and friends of our school, began holding monthly meetings to discuss the various challenges of creating and maintaining race- and class-based inclusiveness in an educational setting. We called ourselves the Equity Group, and dedicated our time together to having the hard conversations about race and class in American schools in general, and at St. E’s in particular.

Over time the group has evolved and grown to include, most importantly, a number of St. E’s middle-school students who share our dedication to supporting our school’s remarkable mission of building an “intentionally inclusive” community.

This mission is particularly important now, as many American schools regrettably re-segregate along race and class lines. St. Elizabeth’s School strives to do the opposite. Such an effort is one of the more difficult and necessary struggles of 21st century American democracy. Any school that attempts to swim upstream against the powerful forces of race- and class-based re-segregation needs and deserves the ongoing support of its surrounding community.

So the Equity Group, now older and wiser, bigger and better, and proudly renamed under the banner Social Equity Workshops (SEW), invites you to join us at our next meeting.

We have two more major workshops planned for the upcoming spring 2017 semester:

March 16

April 27

All events are held at St. E’s, and childcare and snacks are provided!

We hope to see you at any and all of these gatherings!

Please see below for flyers and brief descriptions of our workshops.

February 23, 2017

SEW Feb 2017 Flyer

December 01, 2016

The group held a SEE, Social Equity Event, proudly hosted Arthur McFarlane, historian and great grandson of W.E.B. DuBois, who presented the remarkable life, work, and legacy of his ancestor the renowned sociologist, historian, and philosopher.

SEE Dec 2016 Flyer

October 27, 2016

The SEW confab met to discuss the challenge of maintaining unity, and an intentionally inclusive community, in the face of a remarkably divisive Presidential election.

SEW Oct 2016 Flyer

September 22, 2016

The SEW crew met to have a conversation, spurred by Colin Kaepernick’s protests, about race and the national anthem.

SEW Sept 2016 Flyer